The Art of Compression (English Edition) di Thomas Juth

The Art of Compression (English Edition)

Titolo del libri: The Art of Compression (English Edition)

Autore: Thomas Juth

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Thomas Juth con The Art of Compression (English Edition)

Are you passionate about mixing, and want to learn more about the art of compression?

In this short e-book, Grammy award winning Mix Engineer Thomas Juth shares his personal views on compressors and compression, and talks about how one can use compressors as a colour palette. Although there are already many books about 'mixing techniques' and compression, this unique book focuses more on the philosophy (of working with compression), and shares some very useful and personal tips.

This book will help you to:
- See compressors and compression in a much simpler and clearer way
- Get a new perspective on compressors (and mixing in general)
- Approach your future mixes in a way that helps you to work faster
- Quicker decide which compressor to pick (when presented with lots of options)
- To get the most out of each individual compressor
- Clear out some common misconceptions regarding compression

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